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Our team

  • Aleida

    Doctoral Candidate in Law. My current research focuses on Femi(ni)cide in Germany. I am contributor to the project since 2011.

  • Alina

    Doctoral researcher working on Sexuality Education, SRHR & Peace and Conflict Studies. Interested in the body, migration and queer-decolonial practices. I am nepantlera coming from the borderlands.

  • Dervla

  • Hannah

    MA student working on media portrayal and media framing of femi(ni)cides in Germany with a special focus on racist rhethoric and othering.

  • Isabel

    Studies Peace and Conflict studies at the University of Marburg.

  • Lisa

    Software developer and creative technologist based in Berlin.

  • Nadine

  • Nora

    Nora works in the field of big data & analytics in a German company.

  • Rafa

    Activist, freelancer and independent researcher, based in Berlin.

  • Vanessa

    From a family with a migrant background, currently studies literature science in Berlin.

  • Verena

    Trainer in the field of civic education with young adults based in Berlin

We want to thank our previous collaborators